• Chastity Ashley aka Neon Pony

The Neon Pony and her Ride, has Just Begun!

Kicking off into 2020 I felt more vibrant and alive than ever before. Although, the simple and mere appreciation of just being alive another day always has enveloped my being, something was different. I felt a light and a radiance I had never felt before. I was ready for greatness as I dove into a new chapter fusing my lifelong drumming skills with my newly aquired DJ skills. It was something that I had long dreamed about, where I would have the opportunity to breathe new life into this passionate business I have so beloved. Going full speed ahead with a full tour schedule and no end in sight it suddenly came to a screeching halt. "How could this be"? "It's my destiny"! I thought. This is what was meant to be, to fulfill this chapter I had worked so hard for. But that is the universe, isn't it? It'll come barreling down from heaven above like a bolt of lightning, and it'll apply it's winds wherever it seems fit. We can't control it, and trying to is futile. All we can do is control how we react.

So here we are. A pandemic! "This can't be real", I thought. It truly felt like the world was comng to an end. Souls getting sick and passing everywhere we turned, the growing numbers not seeming to stop and my aura feeling weaker by the moment. It appeared that this could come for myself and my family, and for the first time that I could remember I had real fear. I dug deep, embedded my faith in God, in the universe and my inner shaman. I thanked them for the opportunity of living another day. This way, I could infuse planet earth with more love than I have ever shared, and it would be more real than ever before. To be a beating heart through the power of music for those that had lost their way and lost their heartbeat. I focused on what I had, rather than what was lost. I saw the planet replenishing itself as it needed it's own breathe, and I witnessed families coming closer together than ever before.

It all then started to seem like a calming, and I felt a sense of peace where the future seemed brighter than it had in months. That was until George Floyd's life was taken. As myself and everyone I knew on planet earth for the first time unanimously agreed this was a horrific tragedy beyond what words could describe, the civil unrest began. My heart sank and I wept for the pain that swept the world yet again as it appeared that the voiceless wouldn't be heard. Despite the unrest, and the unfortunate circumstances which came along with it, I then again felt a peace in my heart. I saw the human spirit light up and share their passionate beliefs for equality and love, and I saw oneness as many stood side by side and united under one voice.

On a planet with so many spirits living among one another, we won't always agree on how we should or shouldn't see the world, or how people should or shouldn't act. One thing however, that we can hopefully all agree on, is moral fiber. To have a moral compass that guides your heart to truth and the abilty to see how much we are connected is the key. To see that these bodies we live in, are just avatars, and that we had no control over them when we came into existence. These are what I refer to as the spacesuit for the soul. To see the soul, the heart, and the living light in one anothers eyes. This has brought me to my conclusion for which ride I have decided to take.

The ride I choose is that of empathy, that of forgiveness, that of truth and that of love. Every moment that exists teaches us lessons. When we awaken and see them as lessons we will shortly then start to find our way. I find it vital to take the ying with the yang and find purpose. This life we have here on planet earth is just a blink of an eye. We come into existence and then our energy travels on. We are precious, as is this life. So find your path, and align it with an invigoration of oneness, and see how beautifully blessed we all are to just experience being alive.

The music will play on, I'm more inspired than ever and this little drummer girl is here to help you feel the beat within your heart...Lets Ride!

Chastity Ashley aka "Neon Pony"

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